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Our new website is in development. We now offer FUT, FUE, PRP and FSG solutions to hair loss

We have been able to do this at our affordable prices

Capri Clinic specializes in hair replacement restoration procedures using follicular unit hair transplant surgery. If you are searching for hair transplant New Jersey, hair transplants New York or Pennsylvania hair transplant, you came to the right place. Our surgeon and his staff are dedicated to expertly and permanently resolving the hair loss problem in men and women suffering baldness. We have locations with a fully equipped medical facility to serve the PA, NJ and NY areas. You are welcomed to visit the rest of our website and learn more about who we are, what we can do for you, hair transplant cost, our procedures and our patients. For a free consultation simply call us or send us a confidential email.

Patient financing available through CareCredit and Springstone.

We now offer scar solutions using Micropigmentation

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What a hair transplant can do for you

  • Give you a realistic, undetectable new hairline.

  • Restore a natural-looking head of hair for both men and women.

  • Remedy male and female pattern baldness with no side effects.

  • Permanently and effectively create a full head of hair.

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Our Hair Transplants are 30 - 40% Less!

We are dedicated to providing our patients with an affordable solution to the hair loss problem. We are committed to a program of educating, certifying and monitoring our staff so that we can assure our patients that they are receiving hair restoration of the highest quality. We have been able to do this and keep our pricing fair. If you need to get a better understanding of hair transplant cost, continue reading below, call us at 877-602-2774 or fill out our FREE CONSULTATION REQUEST form and we will get back to you promptly.

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Hair Transplant Consultation


Hair Transplant Cost

Our goal is to make things as easy and affordable for you as possible. By using follicular hair transplant surgery, Capri Clinic hair transplant Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey procedures cost up to 30-40% less than those of our competitors. We follow an exact procedure and a set of rules in laying-out a hairline, in establishing growth density and in estimating the amount of true follicular units required for your hair transplant restoration. We do this in order to produce the most natural and aesthetically right hair for each individuals head shape and facial features. Once we arrive at the total number of grafts necessary, we simply multiply by the price per graft of $2.99 and the result is your total procedure cost.

Our job and conviction is to provide you with the value and quality we promise and to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your new hair. We think that our service goes far beyond the standard practice and that we excel in developing a trusting and respectful relationship with our patients seeking a hair transplant in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

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"Suffering Hair Loss New York, Pennsylvania or New Jersey?"


You have tried every cream, spray, shampoo, foam, pill, laser treatment, cover-up, etc. and nothing worked. You are not alone. Millions of men and women have tried these hair restoration products and treatments, only to get the same results � nothing!! Because they don�t grow hair. PERIOD.

There is only one way to grow your own hair and that�s a hair transplant. I know what you're thinking surgery to get my hair back, oh no!

Capri Clinic hair transplant�s:

  • Are a totally painless procedure

  • Have virtually no recovery time

  • Are absolutely undetectable

  • Are as natural looking as the hair before you lost it

  • Are affordable � half the price it was 10 years ago

  • Will grow for the rest of your life


If you would like to provide us with a little more in depth information about your hair loss, fill out our FREE CONSULTATION REQUEST form and we will get back to you usually within 24 hours.


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